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International: Greece to establish refuges

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The Greek government will set up a domestic violence refuge in every police district, with the location known only to police, the minister for citizens’ protection, Michalis Chrisochoidis, announced. The development follows the fatal stabbing of Kyriaki Griva outside a police station while seeking protection from her ex-boyfriend, an incident which has refocused national attention […]

DA survivors to get cash support from government

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Domestic abuse victims in England and Wales will be able to claim up to £3,000 from the state starting 31 January. The government’s motive is to help survivors move forward with their lives, prevent homelessness or face pressure to return to their abusers because of financial strain. “It will be a lifeline for many, helping […]

Clare’s Law failing in Wiltshire led to people harmed

Wiltshire Police has completed a review into how it handled 3,582 Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme requests in the eight years and five months to August 2023. “We’ve identified 25 failures in our service. Of this, we know of two failures which have resulted in people being harmed,” the constabulary said. Four cases have been referred […]

Police reporting DA survivors to immigration empowers abusers, says Jacobs


All 44 police forces across England and Wales, including British Transport Police, have shared information about victims of domestic abuse with immigration enforcement in the past three years, says domestic abuse commissioner Nicole Jacobs. “At the point when victims have come to the police for safety from abuse, they are met with what many fear […]

Police force reviews Clare’s Law applications

British police community support officer

Wiltshire constabulary has commissioned an urgent review into how it handled Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme requests for eight years. A staff member is under Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation into how they dealt with the Clare’s Law applications. The person is currently suspended from Wiltshire Police. “We know there have been some failures […]

Parliament acts to prevent abuse via child maintenance

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The Westminster Parliament have approved a bill to allow the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to intervene on behalf of parents where domestic abuse is evident. Extension of the existing Collect and Pay system will enable victims-survivors to receive child support directly without risking further abuse by the perpetrator, according to the government. The Child Support […]

NCDV-linked scheme scoops award

The Domestic Abuse Response Alliance (Dara) has won the Pro Bono Initiative of the Year category in The Lawyer Awards 2023. The legal profession publication recognises excellence by law firms, legal teams and individuals in the UK through the event. A group of law firms set up Dara to represent London-based domestic abuse victims-survivors who […]

Government extends legal aid

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More domestic abuse victims-survivors will have access to legal aid in England and Wales after Westminster government reforms have ensured 6m-plus more people are eligible. Those on universal credit and seeking a protection order for themselves or their children against their attackers can more easily obtain legal aid without a means test, the ministry of […]

Jersey’s DA law takes effect

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The Domestic Abuse (Jersey) Law 2022 officially came into force on 21 June. Provisions include making domestic abuse a specific crime with a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine. The new legislation gives courts powers to impose domestic abuse protection orders (DAPOs) and notification requirements on people convicted of domestic abuse […]

Government to fund perpetrator programmes

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The Westminster government has allocated up to £39m over the next two years to fund 50 initiatives by police forces across England and Wales focusing on the behaviour of domestic abusers or stalkers. “Prevention of crime is always better than having to deal with the consequences of crime,” said West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner […]