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Police force goes digital with DVPNs

West Yorkshire Police has introduced a pilot scheme for a fully digitalised version of Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs). The aim is to increase victim safety and protection, enhance perpetrator management, save costs and generate efficiency savings.

“This solution will undoubtedly safeguard more victims, both locally and nationally, and deliver a faster and more reliable process,” said chief inspector Dan Tillett.

Early projections indicate the system could weekly safeguard at least one additional victim in West Yorkshire by eradicating error, omission and inconsistent application of legislation, according to the constabulary. The current process is an amalgam of Word documents, email and word-of-mouth, which risks opportunities for safeguarding not being maximised.

The digitalised system, developed with government-funded Police Digital Service (PDS), has the advantage of using common technology available to all police forces, opening up the possibility of swift, cost-effective deployment further afield on a successful completion of the pilot.



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