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Clothing stolen twice from DA charity shop

A burglar has twice taken clothes donated to Dawn’s New Horizon shop in Sprowston on the northern outskirts of Norwich.

“How could somebody do this?” the charity’s founder Lorraine Curston was quoted as saying by the Norwich Evening News.

“We help so many people who flee domestic abuse. We feel let down and upset. It makes you feel very disheartened.”

The first theft from a shed behind the shop happened on 29 July. About £150 worth of donated clothes from 30 suitcases were taken.

“The shed was full to the brim of clothes. The person had chucked clothes on the floor. It was a mess,” said Mrs Curston.

After an appeal on Facebook a local resident put a reinforced lock for free on the shed, only for the outbuilding to be restocked and targeted days later on 3 August.

Mrs Curston went to the shop after its CCTV alerted her to the incident but the criminal, who took fewer items that time, had gone by the time she arrived.

The thefts have been reported to Norfolk Police.



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