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DA charges rise, but prosecutions decline

Arrests and subsequent charges for domestic abuse-related offences in England and Wales increased year-on-year in the 12 months to March, but the number of prosecutions fell.

Applications for non-molestation orders reached a record high.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) findings come against the background of little change in such crimes recorded by police forces: 889,918 versus 889,311.

They made 36.3 arrests per 100 reported domestic abuse-related crimes, up from 29.6 in the year-ending March 2022.

The number of suspects referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for a charging decision increased 3.4% to 69,314 and the CPS’s charging rate went to a record high of 76.5% from 72.7%.

But the number of domestic abuse-related CPS prosecutions decreased 3.6% to 51,288, continuing the downward trend since 2016/17, ONS data shows. The percentage of prosecutions leading to a conviction was an unchanged 76.4%.

Non-molestation applications increased 3.0% to 30,979, the highest number since records began in 2009/10.



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