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Dozens helped in new police DA project

Domestic abuse car crews in Teesside helped 39 survivors in the first four weeks of being on the road.

The cars, staffed by police officers and specialist support workers from local agencies, are used every weekend as second responders to incidents.

In 23 deployments, 39 people subjected to domestic abuse were given on-the-spot emotional support and advice while risk assessments took place.

The team made 27 referrals to other services, 14 Clare’s Law disclosures and three arrests, while two victims were immediately moved to safety, the Teesside Live news website reported.

The scheme was launched against a background of a 6.5% rise in domestic abuse crimes to more than 12,000 recorded by Cleveland Police in the year to March.

The area’s Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner said: “What’s great about the DA car project is that victims can access high-quality support from specially trained staff, at the earliest possible opportunity.”



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