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Home Office issues fresh guidance to help DA victims

New, statutory guidance to enable police, local authorities and others working with survivors of domestic abuse in England and Wales has been published by the home office.

Following on from last year’s enactment of the Domestic Abuse Act, the goal is to ensure support meets victims’ complex needs by those working in the field having the necessary information.

“By setting out best-practice approaches and encouraging multi-agency working, a whole-system response will deliver the step change needed to tackle this abhorrent crime, recognising that everybody has a role to play in supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse,” the home office said.

Among comments accompanying the guidance’s publication, the National Police Chiefs’ Council domestic abuse lead Louisa Rolfe drew attention to non-physical abuse beginning to be treated with the same severity as violence.

“Many victims endure traumatic controlling and coercive behaviour and suffer from psychological, emotional and financial abuse,” she said.

As the Act recognises children as domestic abuse victims, there is guidance on its impact on them and information on early intervention measures in social care and schools.



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