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Increase in DV support in Manchester and Cumbria

Nine more Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) and Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (IDSAs) will be recruited across Greater Manchester with at least nine others continuing in post. Separately, Cumbria’s work in the field will be expanded.

The extra and ongoing aid for victims of domestic or sexual abuse in Manchester is made possible by a £1.17m grant to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority from the ministry of justice. The money will go to councils or support charities in the city.

The ministry is also giving the authority more than £730,000 to support survivors and prevent crimes from happening. The funding will be awarded to charities and councils to develop witness centres, increase the diversity of help on offer, and increase therapeutic support for victims, the authority said.

Meanwhile in Cumbria, an Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor (IDSVA) for men will be appointed to join an existing team of 28 specialists who support those who have experienced domestic abuse. Again, the ministry of justice is providing the funds.

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said while women and girls are the larger group of victims, “it is important that we also acknowledge and support men and boys who are vulnerable to being victims of these crimes.”

He commented: “Accessing support for any type of crime can be difficult, especially for men. This is often due to traditional perceptions and outdated stereotypes of masculinity, that leads to a reluctance in men asking for help or reporting their abuse.”



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