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INTERNATIONAL: rise in Ireland’s domestic abuse cases

Irish police responded to 48,400 domestic abuse incidents last year, a 10% increase on 2020, resulting in a 13% rise to 8,600 in charges for crimes involving an element of domestic abuse.

Additionally, charges for breaches of domestic violence orders went up 6% to 4,250.

The figures show that police have the capacity and resolve to fully investigate domestic abuse offences and to prosecute offenders, said detective chief superintendent Colm Noonan of the national police’s protective services unit.

Initiatives he highlighted included training officers to the highest level in handling domestic abuse calls.

Last year an internal investigation revealed more than 3,000 domestic abuse calls to the police force had been cancelled in recent years.

“It is something that we are working hard to resolve, it has been … the subject of a review and we are engaged with the policing authority on that,” he was reported as saying in local media.



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