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Lack of data ‘hinders support for male IPV victims’

Scarce and inconsistent information on intimate partner violence (IPV) against men and boys in Northern Ireland is holding back projects to help them, a conference focusing on male victims was told.

With limited data available, the impact of IPV on them lacks detailed understanding, according to researchers at Queen’s University Belfast who reviewed 67 global studies related to the subject. Only eight were UK-based and none were conducted in Northern Ireland.

“Without a proper understanding of the scale, extent and impact of the issue, we cannot accurately deliver and design supports or services appropriately,” Geraldine Hanna, the commissioner designate for victims of crime in Northern Ireland, was quoted as saying by the Press Association news agency.

“If we are serious about supporting male victims of IPV and designing services which accurately and appropriately support men and boys, a strong and reliable evidence base is a crucial first step in achieving this.

“This includes obtaining an understanding of the wide range of mental health impacts which are associated with victims of IPV, understanding perceptions and stigma associated with IPV, and how IPV affects different groups of men in different ways,” she added.



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