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NCDV launch ‘Abusers Always Work From Home” campaign

NCDV recently launched its “Abusers Always Work From Home” campaign to highlight the 49% increase in domestic abuse incidents since lockdown.


“Over the years we have worked with Wunderman Thompson a number of times, their global position in the marketing sector makes it impossible for us to employ their services for even a fraction of their normal charges so to have them work with us for free is incredible. The quality of their work, their professionalism and the resources they have available reflects their position and this delivers to us campaigns beyond our dreams.

Our day to day work is to help those victims that do not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford a solicitor to obtain a protective injunction, however our grand mission is to make domestic abuse and violence socially unacceptable. We would not have a chance if we did not have Wunderman Thompson creating emotional and hard hitting campaigns for us. In 2019 we helped 3000 victims that fell through the financial crack, in 2020 we will be able to help even more.”

Mark Groves, CEO of NCDV.

The video is also available to view on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.



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