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Police and CPS to change way they deal with domestic abuse

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), College of Policing and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are to transform how they investigate, handle and prosecute domestic abuse cases to ensure victims are better supported, timeliness improved and more offenders are brought to justice.

A national domestic abuse justice plan will be jointly drawn up with a focus on a suspect’s actions before, during and after an alleged offence.

The NPCC’s lead for criminal justice, chief constable Rob Nixon, said: “Investigating and prosecuting domestic abuse cases can be complex and so by working together, we can start to simplify the process for victims, ensuring that the outcomes they desire are at the forefront of our minds.

“Wherever possible, we should be listening to victims and understanding the dynamics of human relationships so that their needs and wishes are taken into consideration.”

The plan will include commitments to build strong cases, support victims so they have confidence in and engage with the criminal justice system, secure swift justice for them and hold perpetrators to account.



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