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Police force to recruit vulnerability coordinators to tackle DV

Staffordshire Police will employ seven vulnerability coordinators to reduce domestic violence across the county.

The new staff will plan and coordinate local multi-agency safeguarding meetings (MARACs), helping to ensure there is greater understanding of the risk of domestic violence and tackling the problem in the most effective way, the police force said.

Working with partner agencies, the vulnerability coordinators will identify the root causes of domestic abuse and provide solutions to build resilience and improve the lives of victims and their families.

MARAC meetings were previously conducted centrally but local trials in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Tamworth have paved the way for them to be rolled out across the force’s area.

Chief Inspector Karen Stevenson said: “We’ll look to meet on a week-by-week basis and that gives us the opportunity to hear and resolve incidents in a timely fashion.”



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