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Welsh government targets male perpetrators

 The Welsh Government has launched the ‘Sound’ campaign to encourage men between 18 and 34 to reflect on their behaviours when it comes to violence against women and domestic abuse.

“We want to make Wales the safest place for women to live fear free,” said minister for social justice Jane Hutt. “Early intervention and prevention are vital to our plans. We must educate young men and boys about healthy relationships and ensure that we’re putting the responsibility on them to stop violence against women and girls …

“‘Sound’ is there to initiate self-reflection by drawing attention to harmful behaviours such as love bombing, gaslighting and coercive control – helping men to recognise these behaviours in themselves and others, to get trusted, sound advice on how to address them.”

Social media, podcasts, TV and streaming channels will be used to deliver the message.

Welsh government research shows 64% of all men in the devolved nation underestimate how many women are subject to abuse, while 39% regard efforts to achieve women’s equality had led to discrimination against men. The government says that reflects a “worrying shift” in attitudes perpetuated by the rise of high-influence misogynists in the public domain.



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